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Bitach is a full service Account Receivables Management Firm
Offering a wide range of services for growing companies across the country

In the collections arena, we buy, collect, sell, consult and specialize in distressed consumer receivables and recurring payment administration.

By strategizing and working closely with clients, we find the most efficient ways to extract revenue from consumers. As a fully licensed and bonded collections agency, our services include Bankruptcy, Probate Settlement, Reviving Aged and Warehoused accounts. Depending on the type of receivables, we use a mix of top US based regional personnel as well as off-shore outsourcing for collections, skip tracing and administrative services, including after-hours and weekend collection support.
Our team includes operational specialists with in-depth IT experience and solutions, placing an emphasis on virtual/cloud based infrastructure.

Business Intelligence is a key component of our success. All clients receive customized, fully-transparent reporting and 24-hour remote access to their accounts. By creating our own in house A/R focused Analytical Software Development department, we have built an industry leading BI software product, called Bitach Insight. Designed for billion dollar debt portfolios, Bitach Insight features robust static and interactive reporting tools, large/secure file capacity, custom dashboards, client and investor reporting, social enterprise integration and unparalleled ease of use.
Compliance, data security and consumer/patient privacy are the foundation of our business. To name of few of the strict procedures in place: all data is encrypted in transmission and at rest, secure FTP and SMPT utilized, role based security insures only privileged individuals have access to core data, PII filters exists on email and fax systems, cameras are monitored in all critical locations on premises and all employees must review and accept best practices annually.

Learn more about the Bitach advantage. We invite you to browse our website and learn about the companies that comprise Bitach and see how we are helping clients improve profitability and maximize revenue.
What does Bitach mean?
Bitach is the Hebrew word for Trust.  It’s the most important job we have, to build the trust of our clients on a regular basis. That includes courtesy when it comes to contacting consumers on behalf of our clients.  Our team of professionals is dedicated to ethical practices and treating everyone with the respect they deserve.

Bitach is proud to be a full-service Account Receivables Management Firm with offices across the country.  We invite you to browse the various companies that comprise Bitach and share your thoughts and questions.