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August 2014

How Can Creditors Collect on a Secured Debt?

5 Ways to Recover a Loan There are several ways that a creditor can attempt to collect on a loan that has gone into default.  In most cases, creditors must first sue a debtor in order to win a money judgment against the debt, unless that debt is guaranteed by collateral. In the case of guaranteed debts, collection can occur in a variety ways including repossession, foreclosure and court action Read More

8 Steps to Hiring a Successful Collection Agency

8 Steps to Hiring a Successful Collection Agency Many companies can be easily weighed down by inefficient internal collection departments which draw valuable resources from traditional billing.  Instead of continuing efforts to collect on old accounts, many companies choose to hire a reputable collection agency.  This decision can substantially add to the bottom line. Once the decision is made to hire a collection agency, it’s important to understand that not Read More

What does Bitach mean?
Bitach is the Hebrew word for Trust.  It’s the most important job we have, to build the trust of our clients on a regular basis. That includes courtesy when it comes to contacting consumers on behalf of our clients.  Our team of professionals is dedicated to ethical practices and treating everyone with the respect they deserve.

Bitach is proud to be a full-service Account Receivables Management Firm with offices across the country.  We invite you to browse the various companies that comprise Bitach and share your thoughts and questions.