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What is Secured Debt?

What is Secured Debt?

A Creditor’s Right to Reclaim Property 

Secured debts are debts that are connected to a high-value material good (car, home, art) that can be used as collateral for payment of the debt.

Secured debt is generally agreed upon with a contract.  In the case of a home loan, the creditor will ask the debtor to sign a mortgage or deed of trust that allows the creditor to maintain a secure interest (lien) against the property.  A creditor can also be given a secure interest against other properties of high value like vehicles, stocks and investments, jewelry, art, etc.  ln these cases, the lien is executed against the property through a security agreement.

Involuntary Liens

Involuntary liens are secured interests placed against property by the state or federal government without any agreement necessary.   Involuntary liens can also be executed by a court order (as in the case of bankruptcy.)  Involuntary liens include real estate property taxes, delinquent income taxes, mechanic and landlord liens and court judgment liens.

“Perfecting” Liens

A secured creditor can protect its loan by “perfecting” its lien.  Perfecting a lien requires that the creditor put interested parties and other creditors on notice that they are holding a lien or secure interest in the property.  This action can take place in a variety of ways depending on the types of property secured.  They include:

Real Estate Property – Real Estate Property Creditors perfect their liens by filing a mortgage or deed of trust in the county where the property is located.

Vehicles – Vehicle Creditors perfect their liens by filing with the state motor vehicle department and notation on the certificate of title.

High-value Personal Property – High-value Personal Property Creditors perfect their liens by filing financing statements that identify the borrower, creditor and the collateral for the secured debt.

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